5 Simple – But Effective – Ways to Follow Up After a Trade Show

5 Simple – But Effective – Ways to Follow Up After a Trade Show


You had a successful trade show and garnered a lot of leads. But now what? How can you continue that relationship? Here are five ways Blue Dolphin recommends for following up on trade show leads.

1. Personalize Your Response
Studies show that the more personal and less “form letter” you make your follow-ups, the better response you’ll receive. It can be as simple as referencing the trade show or referencing something you talked about at the show.

2. Don’t Be Too Aggressive
Don’t be too aggressive trying to close the sale on the follow up. This is about nurturing the lead and establishing a relationship. Remember, you’ve only just met. Follow a sales process that gradually builds the relationship.

3. Give Them Several Calls to Action
Unless you really know what makes this lead tick, when you send a follow-up email, give them several options to click through, including a link that is relevant to your target like an article or video about their industry. This way you can also gather information about what your target audience is interested in.

4. Ask Them for Help
People are flattered when you ask them for advice. If you met someone at a trade show, follow up with an email that asks if you arrange a time to talk to get their opinion on some relevant matter. This establishes that it won’t be a sales call and that you value their opinion.

5. Send Them A Small Gift
There is a psychological principle called the reciprocity factor. It’s hard-wired into our brains. If we do something nice for someone, they are more likely to do something for us. Think about sending an unsolicited follow up gift that reinforces your brand and has some value for the target.