Boost Sales with Branded Apparel? The Proof is in the Numbers.

Boost Sales with Branded Apparel? The Proof is in the Numbers.


T-Shirts for the Win

According to a 2016 survey of over 1,000 respondents commissioned by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), T-shirts are the number one choice in branded apparel. Of the 91% of respondents who purchased branded clothing in a 12-month period, 76% purchased T-shirts. Polo shirts came in second at 52% and outerwear (sweatshirts/hoodies/fleeces) were next on the list at 32%. The most important factor in choosing the right garment? Quality, followed by price and then garment style. See this cool infographic for more information and details on the survey:


Branded Apparel: More Than Just a Giveaway.

63% of the respondents of the BPMA survey said they use branded clothing to make their staff easily distinguishable in a variety of venues including exhibitions, retail settings, charity events, and conferences.  42% report using branded apparel for general brand awareness, 27% for promotion and 26% for giveaways.


T-Shirts and Sweatshirts and Caps- Oh My!

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted the Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study in 2016. Unlike the BPMA study that polled companies purchasing the branded apparel, this study looked at consumer behavior and preferences. The bottom line- you can’t go wrong with branded apparel. More than half of those surveyed across all age groups owns a branded T-shirt, 50% of US respondents own branded outerwear, and 41% of all US respondents own a cap or head ware of some kind. Check out the full survey at


Long-Term Effects

What kinds of branded apparel are customers most likely to keep? According to the ASI survey, outerwear is the best long-term bang for your buck with 54% of respondents across all age groups saying they keep branded outerwear for longer than 9 months. Caps come in second at 42% and t-shirts at 37% and generally have a shelf life of 6 months. In the US, the product may have better longevity with 68% of respondents reporting that they will pass branded apparel along to someone else instead of throwing it out. Best yet, recall is highest for promotional apparel with 85% of people saying they remember who gave them a shirt or hat.


Make a Good Impression

The numbers prove that branded apparel is an effective marketing tool, but is it affordable? Consider this: the average cost per impression of a promotional item is $.07 as compared to $3.20 for a newspaper ad, $2.50 for a TV spot, $2.40 for a magazine ad, or $1.00 for a targeted mobile ad.


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