A Tiny Bit Huge
Portsmouth NH

Blue Dolphin recently worked with A Tiny Bit Huge, a cultural initiative in Portsmouth, NH, on getting apparel and promotional together to support the local community.


About A Tiny Bit Huge

Here you’ll meet the artists, historians, volunteers and generally cool people that make up this city’s culture. Plus, anytime you buy a “Tiny Bit Huge” product here (or in any of the shops in town) you’ll be financially supporting the community. Cool, right? Well that’s the kind of independent, do it yourself, sorta city we are. 

Visit out website at www.atinybithuge.com.

Custom Mugs and Buttons

In addition to hats and tees, we made some custom mugs and buttons (pictured right), as well as stickers and static clings.

While you won't find these items in our online apparel catalog, we have full capability to custom print pretty much anything.  If you would like some custom mugs made, check out this link for details.